Joe Biden Says He Armed Russia as He Struggles to Speak

Joe Biden Says He Armed Russia as He Struggles to Speak

Joe Biden FOOTAGE Shows What’s Wrong – He’s Not OK

( – The White House was forced into damage control mode again on Tuesday, after President Biden had another public gaffe. The president was trying to explain his policy on Ukraine, but apparently didn’t check an atlas first. Either that or he can’t even read a teleprompter anymore.

On May 3, Biden gave a speech at a Lockheed Martin (LM) factory in Troy, Alabama. The president wanted to build congressional support for his plan to donate $33 billion in aid to Ukraine, but that wasn’t what he ended up saying. Instead, he told LM employees “Before Russia attacked, we made sure Russia had Javelins and other weapons…” In fact the US had sent Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine before Russia invaded, not to Russia.

As usual, the White House posted the text of Biden’s speech on its website, complete with his gaffe — but the word “Russia” was struck through, and [Ukraine] inserted after it. The same was done later, when Biden mistakenly mentioned a “Hungarian” fighter instead of a Ukrainian one. The president also repeatedly got numbers wrong, talking about $300 billion in aid when he meant $30 billion.

If Biden occasionally mixed up the names of European countries that wouldn’t be a big deal — but he’s making these mistakes, or worse, in every speech. On Monday, he told an audience “There have not been many senators from Delaware. It’s a small state. Matter of fact, there’s never been one.” There have been as many senators from Delaware as there have been from every other state. Biden can’t even remember how our government works anymore, so why are the Dems letting him run it?

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