Joe Biden Reimplements Trump’s Successful Border Policy

Joe Biden Reimplements Trump's Successful Border Policy

( – The Biden administration has quietly admitted defeat on its approach to the Mexican border crisis. The White House is now preparing to restart a Trump program that it proudly shut down in February.

One of the great successes of former president Donald Trump was the Remain in Mexico policy, which kept would-be immigrants outside US borders until their asylum claims could be evaluated. Democrats always hated the policy, and President Joe Biden ended it within days of taking office.

Of course, the result was a huge surge in illegal immigration. Immigrants now know that they can enter the US illegally then apply for asylum – and if their claim is rejected they can simply disappear into the underground economy. Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of the border but seems helpless in the face of the migrant tide.

In August, a federal district court ordered the Biden administration to restart Remain in Mexico; two appeals against the decision were denied, the last by the Supreme Court. Now the administration is finally restarting the policy.

The White House claims they’ve added “additional safeguards” for immigrants, and they’re planning a new appeal against the policy. But meanwhile, our border policy will return to something that actually works. Biden might complain about having to do it, but it could defuse one of the biggest crises of his administration.

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