Joe Biden Promises to Raise Taxes If He Becomes President

Joe Biden Promises to Raise Taxes If He Becomes President

( – In 2017, President Donald Trump signed a tax reform bill that dropped both individual and corporate tax rates. The legislation was wildly popular among Americans and business owners. Now, Joe Biden wants to change all that.

During an August 23 interview with ABC’s David Muir, Biden said he is going to raise taxes on individuals, and also go after businesses that “pay no tax at all.” When the journalist pointed out that could harm the struggling economy, the former vice president said “it’s smart to tax” the companies that are “making excessive” profits because they need to pay their “fair share.”

While it may seem like a good idea on paper, those are the people who are creating jobs. If they’re overburdened by taxes, they won’t have an incentive to invest in the economy. And raising taxes during a period of economic recovery isn’t helpful.

Biden would use the money generated by the taxes to pay for all of his Liberal dreams. His campaign site lists several programs including criminal justice reform, climate change action, health care reform, etc. Meanwhile, President Trump has said he’d like to pass another tax cut to help Americans more than he already has.

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