Joe Biden Is Guiding Media Coverage in America Now, Report Shows

Joe Biden Is Guiding Media Coverage in America Now, Report Shows

( – President Joe Biden and his Democratic accomplices face the prospect of significant losses in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections if historic precedent plays out. Of course, the current state of the economy and Biden’s dismal approval numbers aren’t helping their cause. Now, a new report sheds light on a possible play by administration officials to control the narrative regarding the country’s faltering economy in hopes of maintaining control of Congress.

A December 6 CNN newsletter claimed White House officials have been “working behind the scenes” to manipulate the media’s coverage of the nation’s economic recovery.

According to the newsletter’s author, Biden administration officials have been painting a rosy picture of supply-side issues, the country’s economic trajectory, and job creation, claiming the nation’s economy is more solid than it was throughout 2020.

However, a quick review of recent economic reports indicates the opposite. For example, the latest Employment Situation Summary showed nonfarm employment only increased by 210,000 in November. Dow Jones had predicted the creation of over 573,000 new jobs.

Recent inflation reports and predictions paint an equally bleak picture, and all you have to do is stand in line to fill up your gas tank to know fuel prices are on the rise.

It’s pretty bad when even CNN decides to drop a dime on the administration’s media spin. Perhaps it’s time for someone to tell America’s would-be emperor he isn’t wearing any clothes!

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