Joe Biden in Big Trouble After John Kerry Exposed Him

Joe Biden in Big Trouble After John Kerry Exposed Him

( – Relations between the United States and France took a turn for the worse last month after Australian officials canceled a $50 million submarine contract with the European nation after getting technology intel from the US. France’s fury reportedly caught Washington officials by surprise. However, White House climate envoy John Kerry let the cat out of the bag earlier this week when he admitted President Joe Biden didn’t know about France’s response.

French cable channel BFMTV aired an interview with Kerry on Tuesday, October 5. The topic of the recent fallout between the Biden administration and French officials arose during the discussion. According to Kerry, Biden asked him about the situation. “He had not been aware of [it,]” Kerry explained.

Continuing, Kerry dug his heels into his statement, adding “he literally had not been aware” of what happened with France. Then, Kerry changed the subject, stating he didn’t want to get into any more details. He trailed off, saying Biden was committed to strengthening relations between the US and France and ensuring the two countries could put this situation behind them in short order.

This revelation could further undermine Biden’s global standing with other world leaders, complicating his administration’s foreign policy efforts. How does the leader of the free world not know when our country’s oldest ally is mad at him?

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