Joe Biden Goes Off on Reporter for Asking a Simple Question

Joe Biden Goes Off on Reporter for Asking a Simple Question

( – President Biden’s increasingly bizarre behavior surfaced again on Saturday after he let rip at a reporter who dared to point out what he’s been saying isn’t entirely accurate.

At a November 6 press conference, Fox News correspondent David Spunt asked the president to clarify the administration’s confused claims about payouts to illegal immigrants separated from their children at US border detention centers. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported the White House was considering paying more than a billion dollars to migrant families, with individual payments of $450,000 or more.

When a reporter asked Biden about these claims last Wednesday, he dismissed it as “garbage” and insisted, “That’s not gonna happen.” However, hours later, both the American Civil Liberties Union and White House officials admitted the payments are in the planning stages.

On Saturday, Spunt tried to ask Biden about these conflicting claims. Biden started by reasonably – but falsely – claiming he’d never called the report garbage. Then, abruptly and for no apparent reason, he suddenly raised his voice angrily for a few words and jabbed his finger at Spunt. Seconds later, as if nothing had happened, he switched back to a normal speaking voice.

It’s bad enough the president is trying to mislead reporters about things he said publicly last week – but it might be even worse that his behavior is becoming increasingly weird.

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