Joe Biden Did a Favor for Hunter Biden’s Business Associate

Joe Biden Did a Favor for Hunter Biden's Business Associate

( – A new scandal could be about to blow up in the Biden administration’s face. It’s emerged that Joe Biden helped out one of his son’s Chinese business associates in 2017. One thing’s for sure – Hunter Biden is a major liability to his father’s re-election chances.

On April 6, Fox News released details of correspondence between Hunter Biden and Jonathan Li, the CEO of Chinese financial businesses BHR and Bohai Capital. Hunter himself has invested heavily in these businesses. As of last year, he held a 10% stake in BHR. He and Li are clearly personal friends because, in January 2017, Li included Hunter in an email discussion about helping his son, Christopher, get a place at a US university.

Happily for Li, Hunter was able to help out – by getting Li’s son a letter of recommendation written by then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE). On February 18, another business associate, Eric Schwerin, sent an email referring to “the recommendation letter that he asked his father to write on behalf of Christopher for Brown University.” He added the original was being sent directly to the university.

President Biden has repeatedly denied knowing anything about his son’s business activities. It seems that’s not entirely true. With even liberal newspapers now admitting that Hunter’s career has some questionable aspects, how long can Biden avoid the fallout?

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