Joe Biden Deploys Blinken Overseas Amid Israel Negotiations

Joe Biden Deploys Blinken Overseas Amid Israel Negotiations

( – President Joe Biden is sending Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the Middle East in an attempt to shore up the fragile ceasefire in Gaza. Blinken will meet Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian officials – but his mission might already be doomed.

Announcing Blinken’s trip on May 24, Biden laid out an ambitious set of goals. He insisted that America’s commitment to Israel’s security is “ironclad” but promised to try to rebuild links with the Palestinians. Blinken will also visit Cairo and Amman.

Biden’s reassurances to Israel will come as a relief to many. The president has been under pressure from the Left of his own party, including anti-Semitic comments from the so-called “Squad” of socialist congresswomen. Biden himself seems to be sticking to a more moderate course for the moment.

The problem is, it might already be too late. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is already unhappy with Biden’s attempts to resurrect the failed Iran nuclear deal. If Blinken doesn’t take a firm enough line with the Palestinians – especially the terrorists of Hamas – he and the Biden administration could seriously undermine Israeli confidence in the US.

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