Joe Biden Declares Russia Actions a “National Emergency”

( – President Biden’s foreign policy ventures have been little more than a joke — a terrifying one. Iran recently announced it would begin enriching uranium to 60%. North Korea recently rekindled its ballistic missile program. Tensions with China remain high, and there’s a hoard of migrants flooding across the nation’s southern border.

You would think things couldn’t get worse, right? If the events of April 15 are any indication, they already have, and this time Russia is the target of Biden’s clumsy diplomacy. He began by issuing an executive order declaring a national emergency regarding Russia’s supposed “extraordinary threat” to America’s “national security, foreign policy, and economy.”

Biden also accused Russia of working to undermine America’s “free and fair democratic elections.” Interesting, considering that the Democratic party line says the 2020 elections were the most secure in American history. Hmmm! Perhaps there’s something to Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud after all.

Biden’s executive order imposed sanctions on Russia and tossed 10 Russian diplomats out of the United States. Russia quickly fired back. It claimed the sanctions were illegal, and they announced Putin would not meet with Biden as had been previously discussed.

Over the course of a few weeks, Biden destroyed the four years of friendly relations Trump had established with Russia. On the bright side, it’s the weekend, and hopefully, Biden won’t set off any other international conflicts while hanging out in the White House bunker.

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