Joe Biden Admits His Actions Are Probably Illegal, But Will Do It Anyway

Joe Biden Admits His Actions Are Probably Illegal, But Will Do it Anyway

( – There was outrage last week when the CDC defied a July Supreme Court ruling by imposing yet another ban on evictions. Now, it turns out the agency wasn’t acting alone — the White House signed off on the new ban even though they knew it was likely unconstitutional.

On August 5, President Biden admitted to reporters that the new moratorium – which also makes evicting a delinquent tenant a federal crime – was a power play aimed at tying the issue up in the courts for as long as possible. He said he couldn’t guarantee a judge would uphold the eviction ban, but hoped it would “keep [the issue] going for a month at least. I hope longer.”

The president clearly supports the CDC’s move, and is possibly, the driving force behind it. It feels as if his goal is to make it possible for delinquent tenants to get away with failing to pay rent for as long as possible, even if it’s illegal.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted CDC director Rochelle Walensky over the new ban last Wednesday, calling the move “totalitarian.” He also accused the woman of nationaliz[ing] America’s rental properties,” asking where she received the power to create such far-reaching laws. Turns out the answer might just be Biden himself.

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