Joe Biden Accused of Plagiarism in DNC Speech (REPORT)

Joe Biden Accused of Plagiarism in DNC Speech (REPORT)

( – A huge part of political campaigning is delivering the right words at the right time. Despite his occasional bouts of confusion and preference for hiding in his basement, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has been surprisingly good at that this year. Unfortunately for him, it turns out that some of the words he’s been praised for have been “borrowed” from other people – and it’s not the first time he’s done this, either.

Biden’s acceptance speech last Thursday, August 20, closed with a powerful invocation of the power of love, hope and light – so powerful that it seems to have triggered a few memories from people who recalled hearing something very similar before. Sure enough, it turns out Biden had lifted his words almost verbatim from a 2011 open letter written by Canadian Liberal Jack Layton.

Plagiarism seems to be a habit Biden just can’t escape from. His first bid for the White House, in 1988, crashed and burned amid multiple accusations he stole his words from other people. That time, he insisted, he hadn’t intended to deceive – “For if it were, I would not have been so blatant.” Will he use the same excuse this time, or has he forgotten it?


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