Jim Jordan: “Hold Collusion Investigators Accountable”

The inquiry into alleged collusion with Russia has dragged on pretty much since President Trump was elected, and it’s cost the American taxpayers millions of dollars. Now, thanks to the Mueller hearings, it’s obvious the whole mess was a waste of time and money — a left-wing fairy tale based on dubious sources and unreliable information. Now that their attempt to bring down the president has failed, the people behind the inquiry would like to just walk away — but a senior Republican doesn’t think they should escape so easily.


Robert Mueller has given his testimony, and any hope the Dems had of pinning collusion on President Trump has gone. All they have to show for their efforts are countless hours of wasted time and millions of wasted dollars.

  • Now, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) says the people behind the investigation should be held accountable. They’ve made it harder to run the country and forced US taxpayers to pay for the whole process, and Jordan doesn’t think they should be able to do that with no consequences.
  • Jordan, who’s represented Ohio’s 4th congressional district since 2007, is the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee. This is one of the most powerful committees in congress, with wide-ranging authority over the actions of representatives. If Jordan uses the committee to go after those behind the inquiry, he could rattle more than a few cages.
  • Several aspects of the investigation are troubling Jordan. Firstly, he wants to know why it started in the first place. There was never any real evidence of collusion, and Jordan says he wants to know how the false accusations started.
  • He’s also concerned that the Left just won’t let the issue drop. As he pointed out at the Mueller hearing, the FBI mounted a 10-month investigation and found nothing. Mueller mounted a 22-month investigation and found nothing. The response from Democrats? Keep investigating!
  • According to Jordan, the priority now should be to find out why the investigations were launched on such flimsy evidence. He also wants to support Attorney General Barr’s own probe into why the collusion scandal was allowed to run so long and cost so much.
  • If the Democrats keep failing to beat President Trump at the ballot box, they’re going to be very tempted to keep sniping at him in courtrooms and committees. Right now that’s a low-risk option for them; they can just keep throwing muck and see what sticks. Jordan wants to make sure that, from now on, anyone throwing dirt better stop to make sure their own hands are clean.

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