Jill Biden Deployed to Eastern Europe

Jill Biden Deployed to Eastern Europe

Biden’s WIFE Given “New Role” – What’s Going On?

(RightWing.org) – President Biden’s wife will be flying to Eastern Europe next week for a new diplomatic offensive. It’s the Bidens’ latest attempt to strengthen alliances against the Russian threat. The question is, why is Jill Biden the one who’s going?

On May 2, the White House confirmed that First Lady Jill Biden will fly to Romania on Thursday, where she’ll visit US military personnel stationed in the country before traveling on to the capital, Bucharest, for talks with the Romanian government. She’ll then visit Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, for more talks.

Romania and Slovakia have taken in hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees since the war began, and they also moved quickly to support Ukraine with weapons after the invasion. They’re key allies in the fight against Russian aggression, and it makes sense for the US to build closer relations with them. What’s less clear is why the first lady is taking this on, because it’s the sort of job the vice president usually does.

So where is Kamala Harris and why isn’t she going to Eastern Europe? The vice president has been keeping a very low profile lately. Is she busy sorting out the mess in her office, after another wave of staff departures? Or is the administration trying to keep her out of the public eye to minimize the damage she could do in November’s midterm elections? Enquiring minds want to know.

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