Jesse Watters Slams Pelosi for Claiming Biden Is Perfect in a Crisis

Jesse Watters Slams Pelosi for Claiming Biden Is Perfect in a Crisis

( – Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) has been known to wander about a time or three when it comes to accurately representing the truth. In fact, one could say she’s a bit “liberal” with the facts. Fox News host Jesse Watters recently called the speaker out for her mischaracterization of President Joe Biden’s reaction to mounting crises.

On Wednesday, December 5, Watters joined the Fox News panel on “The Five” to discuss Speaker Pelosi’s recent remarks about Biden’s ability to handle a crisis. According to Pelosi, the president’s vast experience and “capable hands” make him the perfect leader during these trying times. In fact, “he’s just perfect,” she proclaimed, adding the timing for such a competent president couldn’t have been any better.

As one might expect, Watters didn’t hold anything back when responding to Pelosi’s apparent word salad. Instead, he immediately called out her remarks for what they are: just another example of politicians wrestling to “kiss each other’s butts.”

Watters also called out the abject hypocrisy of Pelosi’s remark. He told viewers he was old enough to recall when Democrats lashed out at Republicans for complimenting former President Trump during a televised cabinet meeting.

It’s bad enough Biden has difficulty keeping his composure during a crisis. Pelosi’s unbridled effort to sugarcoat the situation does nothing to enhance the Democratic Party’s standing with the public.

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