Jerry Nadler Gets Dumped On

Jerry Nadler Gets Dunked On

Well, at least this week’s impeachment nonsense started off with a bang instead of a snooze.

Owen Shroyer, an employee of Alex Jones’ political show on Infowars, initially attended the hearing as an observer. Then, during the opening statements by Jerry Nadler (D-NY), Shroyer loudly interrupted and protested the impeachment hearing in its entirety. Much of his remarks were against Nadler and his anti-Trump agenda.

Watch the outburst in full below.

In case you weren’t able to hear everything clearly due to audio issues, here are some of Shroyer’s highlights.

  • “Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party on this committee are committing treason against this country!”
  • “We voted for Donald Trump and they’re simply removing him because they don’t like him!”
  • “We know who committed the crimes and it wasn’t Trump. Trump is innocent!”

Even if was brief, at least someone is attempting to speak the truth in the midst of this scandal!

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