Jen Psaki’s Latest EXCUSE Is Downright Disgraceful

Jen Psaki Blames

Jen Psaki Blames “Disinformation” For Latinos Voting GOP

( – The surprise news from the midterm elections was Governor Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) outstanding performance in Florida. DeSantis didn’t just keep his seat; he massively increased his majority, especially among Latino voters. Now, Democrats are scrambling to do damage control.

On Tuesday, 50% of Florida’s Latino voters — including 55% of Puerto Ricans — voted Republican, in a major upset to traditional voting patterns. There’s speculation that, with Latinos making up 15% of the US electorate, this result could tempt DeSantis to run for the Republican nomination in 2024. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) called DeSantis’s win “a template for success for Republican elections for a generation nationally,” and it seems that possibility has the Democrats worried.

As soon as observers called victory for DeSantis on Tuesday, former White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki was on Twitter claiming Latinos had voted Republican because Spanish-language media has “a massive disinformation problem.” In a moment of realism, she did admit that Latinos aren’t a single group, and in Florida, “socialism does not play here.”

Mayor Suarez doesn’t agree with Psaki’s disinformation claim. He said Latinos are turning to the GOP because Republicans “have three simple rules” on taxation, the economy, and keeping the public safe. It’s a simple but powerful message, and even if Psaki doesn’t want to admit it, it seems to be getting through.

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