Jen Psaki Throws Biden Under Bus During Press Conference

Jen Psaki Throws Biden Under Bus During Press Conference

( – On February 23, former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) called for President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test, stating the president wasn’t fit to serve during the mounting Ukraine crisis. Biden appeared to prove him right the following day, prompting White House press secretary Jen Psaki to throw him under the bus in an apparent effort to cover his… hindquarters.

Just one day after Jackson’s request, Biden put his foot in it again. He admitted to reporters that no one thought sanctions would prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from launching military action inside Ukraine. In a stunning move he said Putin’s not going to say, “Oh my God… sanctions are coming. I’m going to stand down.”

A few hours later, reporters questioned Psaki about the president’s admission during her daily press briefing. She claimed, taken as a whole, Biden’s “back and forth” engagement with reporters led her to believe his assertion that no one believed sanctions would work on Putin wasn’t “exactly what he meant.”

Psaki then used some nonsensical figures to make the case sanctions weren’t foolproof when it came to deterring Putin from initiating military action in Ukraine.” I’m making up these percentages,” she admitted, “to make a point.”

So which is it? Did Biden misspeak, as Psaiki claimed, or are sanctions just political theater designed to cover up the fact Biden never intended to protect Ukraine?

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