Jen Psaki Goes Blank After Reporter Asks Simple Question

Jen Psaki Goes Blank After Reporter Asks Simple Question

( – White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki can always be relied on to put a positive spin on whatever the Biden administration has done now, but even her ability to polish a – well, you know – has limits, and now she’s bumping up against them.

At the August 6 daily media briefing, an enterprising journalist asked Psaki about the administration’s plans to get students back to school. The reporter prefaced the question with a statement: Last Thursday, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona had said the government was working with teachers’ unions to prepare for school openings. Then the journalist asked, “Are there any specific parent organizations that the administration is also partnering with?”

It’s not a difficult question. If the administration is working with unions, is it also working with parents? It shouldn’t have been hard to answer – but Psaki couldn’t. Instead, she looked utterly baffled then stammered out some generic comments about how the Department of Education was “working with a range of organizations.” Does that include parent organizations? Well, we’re none the wiser after Psaki’s “explanation.”

Jen Psaki is a very smart operator – smart enough to know that admitting the administration is only interested in what left-wing unions think would be a disaster. If parents’ groups were involved in getting schools open again, she would have said so loud and clear. She didn’t. I think we can all draw the right conclusion from that.

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