Jen Psaki Claims It’s Boris Johnson’s Fault for Talking to Press While Biden Ignored Them

Jen Psaki Claims It's Boris Johnson's Fault for Talking to Press While Biden Ignored Them

( – Every time President Biden talks to the press, it becomes even more obvious that something isn’t quite right. So it’s no surprise the White House staff tries to prevent him having to answer potentially difficult questions like “Who is the Australian prime minister you just signed a major defense treaty with?” (Biden thinks he’s called “That fella down under.”) It’s a national embarrassment that White House staff keep our president away from journalists, but at least their increasingly ridiculous excuses are good for a laugh.

On September 23, following another humiliating evasion by Biden, White House press secretary Jen Psaki blamed Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the president’s timidity. Following a September 21 meeting in the Oval Office, Johnson happily answered questions from the press corps while Biden sat silent, possibly banned from speaking by his handlers.

Only British journalists were allowed to ask questions, presumably because they’d be less likely to explore domestic matters that might embarrass the president. Whenever a US reporter did try to speak, White House staff shouted them down – rudely interrupting Prime Minister Johnson.

Furious reporters submitted a formal objection to Biden’s refusal to answer questions, prompting an astonishing explanation from Psaki. She claims that Johnson disrupted the conference by taking questions from journalists “without alerting us to that intention in advance.”

This excuse is just laughable. Every leader in the world takes questions from journalists when they face the press — except Joe Biden. If Psaki doesn’t know that, she’s in the wrong job.

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