Jeff Sessions a Victim of Cancel Culture

Jeff Sessions a Victim of Cancel Culture

Liberals are ruining everything again with their beloved “cancel culture.” The idea is that leftists can forcibly prevent people from doing anything that doesn’t align with their agenda. Often, this involves being as loud and disruptive as possible, and sometimes resorting to full-fledged harassment.

Former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the latest victim of this so-called cancel culture.

Sessions was invited to give a speech entitled “The Real Meaning of the Trump Agenda” at Northwestern University in Illinois. In spite of an internal poll showing that 90% of student participants thought Sessions should be allowed to speak on campus, Liberals felt otherwise. So, they resorted to protesting, chanting and even attempted to enter the building to allegedly forcibly remove Sessions from the building.

Sessions commented on the matter afterward.

“I’m just gonna tell you: This is stupid. This is not right. This great university … should not be putting up [with] this kind of trash.”

-Jeff Sessions

Cancel culture is sadly one of the inevitabilities of Liberalism. When it infects the minds of our youth, it prevents them from even listening to the other side of an argument. For all the purported love of free speech from the Left, they go to great lengths to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

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