Ivanka Trump Spearheads Indian Affairs Task Force to Investigate Homicide Spike

Ivanka Trump Spearheads Indian Affairs Task Force To Investigate Homicide Spike

(RightWing.org) – Ivanka Trump is showing us, once again, that she’s an incredible human being. Also, it’s obvious her family takes law and order very seriously.

During a July 27 press conference, the senior White House adviser announced the beginning of a new task force to solve cold cases. Ivanka will spearhead the agency which will help bring closure to many Native American families. 

Investigation Launched

The announcement came on Monday when Ivanka attended the grand opening of the first Missing and Murdered Native American Cold Case office in Duluth, Minnesota. Ivanka told the press she is concerned about the federal data showing higher than usual rates of murder and violence in tribal communities. For example, Native American women are killed at the same rate as white women in the state but make up under 1% of the population.

Ivanka called it “proof of an epidemic” and hopes the Trump Administration initiative, Operation Lady Justice, will combat human trafficking and violence in the communities.

Once again, the Trump Administration is proving its top priority is keeping Americans safe in all its communities. President Donald Trump is the law and order president through and through.

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