Israel and Bahrain Reach Peace Agreement

Israel and Bahrain Reach Peace Agreement

( – In August, President Donald Trump brokered a historic peace deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel. Now the president has done it again. Another Arabic country is recognizing the Israeli government.

On September 11, Trump announced Bahrain has agreed to a peace agreement with the Jewish state. A joint statement with the two countries and the US calls the deal a “historic breakthrough” that will help “further peace in the Middle East.”

For decades, the Middle East has been a fractured region filled with tension. Israel has long been fending off attacks from Arab neighbors that failed to recognize its legitimacy. These recent agreements aim to upend that and make the countries more peaceful and prosperous.

The agreements are also big wins for the president as he moves closer to the November election. He’s making progress in the Middle East that no commander-in-chief before him has been able to make. It’s further proof that he has a winning foreign policy strategy.

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