ISIS Leader “Died Like A Coward” – Trump

ISIS Leader

Terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by US forces in a daring raid in Syria on Saturday night. Rumors began to spread shortly after and President Trump confirmed al-Baghdadi’s death at a press conference Sunday morning.

Al Baghdadi was the founder and leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the brutal terror group that attempted to set up a “caliphate” and became known for its genocidal tactics and brutal murder of prisoners. Finding him has been a US priority since the group began to crumble under coalition military pressure, and finally, around two weeks ago, a source in Syria provided information on where he was hiding.

Saturday night’s raid was carried out by Navy SEALs and the US Army’s Special Operations Detachment Delta, who were inserted close to a compound in Syria’s Idlib Province by special operations helicopters. The SEALs set up a cordon around the compound while the Delta operators assaulted it, eliminating al Baghdadi’s personal guards. Two of the terrorist chief’s wives were found dead in the compound, wearing undetonated suicide vests.

Al Baghdadi himself, cornered, fled into a tunnel with three of his young children; the president, who watched much of the raid live from the White House, said the terrorist was “whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.” US Army dogs led the chase into the tunnel, followed by Delta operators; reaching a dead-end, al Baghdadi fired his own suicide vest, killing himself and the children and injuring one of the dogs. His remains were recovered for DNA testing to confirm his identity, then the troops were successfully extracted less than two hours after the raid began.

No US casualties were reported from the raid, apart from the wounded dog. Al Baghdadi’s only resistance was to kill himself and murder three young children. As President Trump said, “He died like a coward.”

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