ISIS Influence Runs Deep in America

ISIS Influence Runs Deep in America

Former President George W. Bush primarily focused his efforts abroad on the “War on Terror” that was ignited after 9/11. Throughout the years, especially under President Trump’s watch, ISIS has largely been defeated as they lost control of major strategic strongholds. Today, ISIS is mostly defeated abroad.

But, its influence is still felt on the streets of America.

Jason Brown, leader of the AHK Street Gang in Chicago, is testifying in court for more than his association with drug trafficking. Brown is facing charges for his attempt to provide financial support to an ISIS fighter. His efforts were in vain as he was caught in a sting operation with an individual collaborating with law enforcement.

How exactly did Jason Brown come to be radicalized by ISIS? As part of ISIS’ new strategy to target the American prison population for recruitment, Brown’s time in prison introduced him to the terrorist organization. The gang member became radicalized and redoubled his efforts to support ISIS after he fell victim to its propaganda.

“ISIS has manipulated its ideology to appeal to people with criminal backgrounds…this is one of the notable areas where the Islamic State has been able to recruit.”

-Bennett Clifford, researcher at the Program on Extremism

Although ISIS is largely defeated on the battlefield in the Middle East, the tendrils of its ideology continue to reach some of the most violent members of American society.

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