ISIS-Hunting Military Dog May Visit Trump

ISIS-Hunting Military Dog May Visit Trump

President Trump’s announcement regarding the military dog who was injured during the hunting of former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was met with mixed reactions. Those who understood the significance of crippling ISIS supported Trump. On the other hand, Liberals couldn’t stand to believe his account of what happened.

Setting the childish Liberals aside, Trump tweeted this photo of the service dog who led the charge against ISIS.

While the dog’s name was previously redacted, we now know his name is Conan. He was sustained minor injuries when exposed to electric wires during the assault. Conan, being the good boy that he is, is still hard at work in the Middle East.

However, Trump wants Conan to visit the White House in the near future. Hopefully, the president will be able to meet Conan next week! We’ll keep you posted as this highly-anticipated event comes to fruition.

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