ISIS Announces Their Newest Terrifying Objective

ISIS Announces Their Newest Terrifying Objective

( – All eyes are on the expanding military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, ISIS recently announced its latest terrifying objective while the Eastern European conflict distracts the world.

On April 17, Abu Omar al-Muhajir, an ISIS spokesperson, announced the launch of a new campaign. He cited the February deaths of former ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Qurayshi and his spokesperson.

Al-Muhajir urged ISIS jihadis to take up arms during the “Revenge Incursion for the Two Sheikhs” campaign while the Ukrainian conflict preoccupies Western allies. “Fight… and Allah will answer [your prayers] and punish [the enemies of ISIS] at your hands,” al-Muhajir stated during the 33-minute audio message.

The ISIS spokesperson discussed a multi-pronged attack on Western countries and their allies.

  • Al-Muhajir called on ISIS fighters to free their imprisoned comrades and murder their captors.
  • He urged former ISIS members to rejoin the fight against their enemies.
  • Al-Muhajir addressed “lone wolves” living in the United States and Europe, telling them to create a wave of terror by following the example of recent attacks in Israel.
  • He told ISIS members operating in the West to select targets with care. “They are plenty,” and the time is “before you now” to launch attacks while Europe remains divided.

Do you think the United States is spending too much time on the Ukrainian conflict and not enough on Middle Eastern threats like those posed by ISIS?

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