Is This the Next Squad Member?

Is This the Next Squad Member?

America might have another Squad member in its ranks after 2020.

Nabilah Islam, a resident of Gwinnett County, Georgia, near Atlanta, has just announced her run for the district’s Representative seat.

With her parents hailing from Bangladesh, Islam has decided to put everything on the line for a shot at representing her potential constituents in Congress. After struggling to make ends meet, she put nearly $28,000 in student loans into forbearance and canceled her “bogus” health insurance plan to fund her campaign run. Islam doesn’t believe her “woe-is-me” story is unique and that it will resonate with the voters in her district.

Here’s a glimpse of Islam’s dull and trite “orange man bad” bias.

Her anemic amount of grassroots funding support is an issue she must address. Yet, the timing of Islam’s run for House isn’t coincidental. The next DNC debates are happening Wednesday, which means a whole host of Democrats will be in Atlanta for the week.

Surely, she’s going to strike a meeting with them somehow given her experience as a fund-raising aid for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Currently, Georgia’s 7th Congressional District is a swing district with its heavily mixed demographics. Islam is running against Rob Woodall, a five-term Republican incumbent, who narrowly won 2018 by 433 votes. This means it’s realistically possible for her to gain enough support to make her a serious contender for the House seat next November.

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