Is THIS Country Behind The Riots?

Is THIS Country Behind The Riots?

( – Earlier this month, riots broke out across the country when agitators used peaceful protests as an avenue to cause violence. Criminals caused millions of dollars of damage to businesses and public property. The federal government thinks foreign actors may have been involved.

On June 9, Miami New Times reported a non-profit group in Florida, (F)empower, that’s raising bail money for rioters is connected to Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan president/dictator. Founder Helen Peña was seen in pictures with Maduro. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) alleged Maduro and other Latin American dictators are financially supporting the rioters.

The Tampa Bay Times reports a senior White House official said there are people in the US who are here to “help incite violence” for “America’s adversaries.”

If the White House source and Sen. Scott are right, that would explain why some believed the riots were professionally organized. And it would make sense that they’d have American contacts in the country aside from Peña, but who are they?

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