Is the Media Culpable for Deaths in New York Nursing Homes?

Is the Media Culpable for Deaths in New York Nursing Homes?

( – Words are incredibly powerful tools when used properly. However, they can become equally potent weapons of destruction if misused. That’s one of the reasons Donald Trump waged war against the media for years and strove to reverse legal protections afforded to online media companies under Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act.

Following in Trump’s footsteps, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) lashed out at corporate media during an appearance on Fox News Primetime on Wednesday, August 25. The target of his ire was mainstream media coverage of New York’s recent nursing home scandal, thanks to now-disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo — a once-prominent Democrat.

As DeSantis explained, he made sure Florida hospitals didn’t dump sick patients back into nursing homes at the height of a global pandemic like New York and other Democratic-led states. However, since the mainstream media “lionized” Cuomo due to his “anti-Trump” rhetoric, they effectively turned a blind eye to his conduct. As a result, according to DeSantis, they likely contributed to the resulting deaths experienced in New York.

The press likes to think of itself as the ‘Fourth Pillar of Democracy,’ a watchdog over the government for the American people. However, their obvious disdain for former President Donald Trump tainted their objectivity when it came to Cuomo.

With any luck, media outlets have learned something from this experience. Raise your hand if you think they did. We’ll be standing by patiently waiting somewhere… waiting… waiting…

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