Is Regret Setting In After Biden Flip Flops on Fracking and Oil?

Is Regret Setting In After Biden Flip Flops on Fracking and Oil?

( – Some voters who already cast early voting ballots may be regretting their choice for president. During the debate on Thursday, October 22, Donald Trump exposed Joe Biden regarding his views on fracking and oil. In recent days, the former vice president was forced to go on the defensive and explain away his past comments.

When politicians play games by pandering to bases in a primary and then changing their statements in a general election, it creates nothing but problems. As it should. Biden’s flip-flopping on fracking and fossil fuels is becoming a serious liability for his campaign’s prospects in the election just one week away.

Early voting is on pace to ensure that 2020 is a once-in-a-century turn-out year. Nearly 240 million Americans are eligible to vote this year. As of Monday, October 26, 25% of the electorate, or more than 60 million Americans, had already voted. Some estimates say 62% or more of registered voters will vote, making it perhaps the largest turnout in the last fifty years.

However, it’s not expected to get close to the 80% or more of ballots cast from 1840 to 1896.

Is Voter Regret Sinking In?

It appears that thousands of voters who already cast ballots in early voting may be having buyers’ remorse. According to Google Trends, searches for “can I change my vote after voting” rose by 500% on Monday. Searches for “can I change my vote after mail-in” increased 140%.

The timing of these search queries may be influenced by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s flip-flopping on banning fracking and fossil fuels. During the Democratic primary, the former vice president was adamant he would ban all fossil fuels, which currently make up 80% of overall energy consumption in the United States. However, in the second debate with President Trump, he refuted that claim and challenged the president to prove it and post the video. So, the president posted this video on Twitter.

On Monday afternoon, Biden spoke with television news stations in Pittsburgh and Dallas. The Democratic nominee said the oil industry would not go away and affirmed that oil companies are diversifying on their own. That’s a complete 180-degree turn-around in messaging.

Who Wants to Change Their Vote?

The question is, are those wanting to change their votes far-left voters who have had questions about Biden all along? Or, are they moderate voters who no longer trust him? It’s impossible to know at this point.

Does it even matter if you’re a Trump supporter?

Presidential elections are not won or lost during primaries or summer conventions. They are usually won or lost during the closing days of campaigns when a candidate stumbles.

While the Google trends speak to Biden’s challenge, it doesn’t mean he has won or lost. That will be determined when the ballots are counted after the election. However, it’s clear that momentum has shifted in favor of President Trump in recent days.

Hold on tight; the next eight days, and perhaps beyond, is going to be full of drama, intrigue, and intense moments as the nation’s future sits in the balance.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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