Is Pompeo Running For Senate?

Is Pompeo Running For Senate?

Trump has many allies, but some of them may not be in the right place. Such may be the case for Mike Pompeo, the current Secretary of State.

With the impeachment farce still going strong, Trump needs a solid defense team to ensure that the dishonest Dems don’t get their way. Hailing from Kansas, Pompeo may end up vacating his position in the White House to ensure that his home state remains a Republican stronghold going into 2020. To accomplish this goal, Pompeo may end up running for Senate.

Trump announced his support for Pompeo should he decide to go down that road.

Additionally, Pompeo is secretly collaborating with Conservative mega-donors in preparation for a potential Senate run. Pompeo’s relationship with the Koch family, especially Charles Koch, who also comes from Kansas, could prove invaluable for this endeavor. Koch’s ties to other Conservative individuals and funding groups might all but ensure Pompeo’s victory over any Democrat foolish enough to run against him.

If he does finalize his decision to become a Kansas Senator, Pompeo should fly right into a position where he can better aid Trump in protecting America.

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