Is Meat the Next Toilet Paper?

Is Meat the Next Toilet Paper?

( – When Americans first started preparing for COVID-19, toilet paper became a rare commodity. Reports of the necessary bath tissue being out of stock in grocery stores across the nation persisted for well over a week. Now, the TP mania has subsided, but history might repeat itself with another commodity: meat.

With numerous issues in the meat industry, packing plants are having a hard time keeping up with demand. This tweet below speaks volumes.

As a result, grocery chains across America are limiting the amount of meat customers can buy. Costco is limiting fresh purchases to three per shopper. Some grocers in Ohio have limits of two pieces of fresh meat per customer.

This limiting is to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at stocking up on meat for their families, and so stores don’t have empty shelves within days or hours. Hopefully, this situation won’t last forever. Trump is already set on working with the meat processing industry to ensure that America has enough to eat without compromising on safety.

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