Is Full Membership in US Indo-Pacific Economic Framework In Taiwan’s Future?

Is Full Membership in US Indo-Pacific Economic Framework In Taiwan's Future?

( – The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has long considered Taiwan a break-away nation, and conventional wisdom says it wants to annex the island nation. The United States hasn’t formally recognized Taiwan’s independence for decades. However, it appears Taiwan is trying to gain Washington’s support by asking to become a full member of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF).

A quick review of President Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific Strategy plan indicates the administration intends to push back on China’s self-professed goal of dominating the world’s economies by the PRC’s centennial anniversary in 2049. Biden’s plan also creates a multilateral partnership in the region to enhance current US trade, investment, and diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific by creating the IPEF.

Taiwan’s chief trade negotiator, John Deng, announced the island’s intention to support the framework during a March 9 virtual webinar. Deng told attendees Taiwan was a “reliable and stable” political and economic partner, adding its participation in the IPEF would strengthen the program.

Turning his attention to China, Deng warned that the world already understands the depths of its political, economic, and military ambitions. According to him, China poses a grave threat to the world order, necessitating Taiwan’s participation in the framework. He concluded his remarks by asking attendees to convey the sentiment to US government officials.

With everything happening between Russia and Ukraine, do you think now is the time for the Biden administration to run the risk of provoking China?

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