Is Cuomo Warming Up to Trump?

Is Cuomo Warming Up to Trump?

( – After a number of heated back and forths where the two called each other out, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump recently had a “productive” meeting. Could this be a sign that Cuomo is finally warming up to Trump and his acknowledging leadership? Don’t hold your breath, but Tuesday’s meeting at the Whtie House is a good sign.

Trump and Cuomo primarily talked about coronavirus testing and how it’s an important next step in dealing with the crisis.

The governor made his case about states needing a “real partnership” to administer virus testing kits. Although the government has backed away from running the show when it comes to state-level COVID-19 testing procedures, things could change as the crisis continues.

They also spoke about the need for federal funding dollars for states and that President Trump was apparently “very open and understanding of that” and promised to keep that in mind during the next round of legislative funding proposals.

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