Is Buttigieg Breaking Super PAC Rules?

Is Buttigieg Breaking Super PAC Rules?

Pete Buttigieg decided to bank his presidential campaign on Iowa by spending $34 million on the first four states in the electoral process. He’s poured so much effort into attempting to win Iowa that his campaign is now all but broke. Naturally, Buttigieg is pushing hard with his fundraising ventures.

But, is he breaking the rules to get some quick cash before he runs out of gas? Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) campaign manager thinks so.

According to federal campaign rules, candidates cannot actively coordinate with external groups that have no donation cap in regards to advertising and spending decisions. Instead, these groups can only voluntarily and independently throw their support or money behind a candidate of their choosing.

That means that if Buttigieg’s campaign were to officially ask for support from an organization like VoteVets PAC, the rules would be broken. VoteVets has already reserved over $550,000 worth of New Hampshire advertisements. To say that Buttigieg and this organization are working in tandem, if not officially working together, seems obvious at this point.

What Michael Halle, Buttigieg’s campaign strategist, mentioned in the tweet above appears to do is circumvent an official request for money by going to social media.

Given the context of what’s happening with the presidential race, this sure seems like a targeted message asking for some more bailout money to keep Buttigieg’s presidential campaign moving.

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