Is Biden Going After Christians in the Military?

Is Biden Going After Christians in the Military?

( – In mid-2021, President Joe Biden initiated several COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Among them was a requirement that all military service members must be vaccinated or face punishments up to general discharge from military service. Thousands of military members requested religious accommodation, but the military denied every request. Recently, a US judge ruled in favor of thousands of Navy personnel requesting an exemption.

On April 4, Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver questioned in a letter why Biden insisted on all service members becoming vaccinated. He said he could only conclude that the military was purging Christians from among its ranks.

Why Are Many Christians Opposed to COVID Vaccines?

Across America, millions of Christians object to a COVID vaccine for one reason: it’s linked to abortion. The vaccine industry admits drugs today use fetal cell lines in their tests of the drugs.

According to the American Enterprise Institute, a baby in the Netherlands was killed before birth approximately 48 years ago. The baby was reportedly healthy, and it appeared there wasn’t a good reason for the abortion. From that baby, scientists developed a line of stem cells known as HEK-293. The cells were used in 2020 to make the COVID vaccines.

For pro-life Christians, this creates an ethical dilemma. Many say they cannot accept a vaccine that violates their faith and freedom of religion under the US Constitution.

Is the Military Purging Christians?

Liberty Counsel is at the heart of many of the fights against the Biden administration’s insistence on shots for all military service members. The military refused to grant any religious exemptions to the COVID jab and moved to punish them for rejecting the vaccinations.

Staver believes that Biden is purging Christians from military service. In his letter, the attorney provided specific examples of military leaders telling unvaccinated service members they were non-deployable and that the government would discharge them for failing to follow a lawful order. In plain English, Staver said he couldn’t deny what he was seeing with his eyes.

Federal Courts Siding With the Military

On Wednesday, March 30, the Navy stopped separating sailors after a federal judge granted a class-action lawsuit against the military service. Initially, 26 Navy SEALs and others in the special warfare community sued Secretary of Defense Llyod Austin and other Department of Defense (DOD) officials for refusing to accommodate their religious beliefs.

Judge O’Connor ruled that the Navy failed to provide a compelling interest in requiring the COVID vaccines. He noted that the reasoning it did provide was not greater than the burden the military placed on religious objections. O’Connor added that the harm to sailors for following their religious beliefs was precipitated by a threat: lose your job or get the shot.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act requires the government to show a compelling interest. It states that it must use the least restrictive means when issuing mandates or laws that infringe on religious rights.

The ruling impacted 4,095 sailors who submitted religious exemption requests.

So, is Staver correct?

Is the military trying to purge Christians?

You decide.

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