Is Biden Coming for Your Guns?

Is Biden Coming for Your Guns?

( – On April 8, President Biden his six-point plan on gun control. Biden says the new directives aim to reduce the “epidemic” of gun violence across the US. That’s a worthy goal – but will Biden’s actions achieve it? Let’s look at what he’s just decreed:

  • Restrictions on “ghost guns” – But, despite constant media alarmism, ghost guns are used in few crimes. It’s easier for criminals to buy a stolen or illegal gun than to make one.
  • Reclassifying handguns with stabilizing braces as short-barreled rifles – But this rule will only affect law-abiding shooters. If someone plans to murder a bunch of people with their AR15 pistol, they’re probably willing to break the law a little more by fitting a stock to it.
  • The Justice Department will issue model red flag laws for states. But states can already introduce red flag laws if they want to.
  • At least $5 billion will be spent on “community violence intervention programs.” This is fluff, money is already being spent on programs like these.
  • The Justice Department will produce an annual report on firearms trafficking. You can print it out and tuck it inside your shirt; it might stop a bullet. Apart from that, it won’t do anything to reduce gun violence.
  • Biden will appoint gun control activist David Chipman as director of the BATF. Another well-paid government job for a left-wing activist, but not much help against gun violence.

In case you want to hear what he had to say, you can watch his address here:

Year after year, the statistics show that almost all gun crime in the US is committed with handguns that were bought legally or stolen from law-abiding citizens. And, year after year, liberals and gun-grabbers go after every other type of gun. Did anyone expect this year, or this liberal president, to be different? Well, now you know.

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