IRS AUDIT Of Top Democrat’s Church Requested!

IRS Audit Requested on Senator Warnock's Church

IRS Audit Requested on Senator Warnock’s Church

( – A church that counts a Democrat senator among its senior pastors could face an IRS audit after a watchdog group filed a complaint against it. Tax experts say the church owns an apartment building — but hasn’t listed it on its tax returns. Even worse, the church seems to have given up on Christian charity.

On October 12, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a conservative-leaning ethics monitoring group, filed a complaint with the IRS against Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. The NLPC investigated following a report that it owns a downtown low-income apartment block, Columbia Tower, through two shell organizations run by the church itself. The shells — meaning the church — have received millions in state funding to house the homeless, but in the last two years, it’s tried to evict 12 tenants who have rent arrears that average just $408 each.

In a stunning example of hypocrisy, the principal officer of the shell organizations is Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) — who, in August 2020, ranted about how heartless Republicans wanted to evict poor people in the middle of a pandemic.

Now, it turns out that Warnock was recently the one doing the evicting, in one case a person who was just $28.55 behind on their rent. On top of that, $231,727 in rental income seems to have disappeared between the shell organizations and the church.

Where has it gone? That’s one of the things the NLPC wants the IRS to investigate.

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