Iraq, Lebanon and the UN May Finally Lose US Government Backing

Iraq, Lebanon and the UN May Finally Lose US Government Backing

THESE Countries May Finally Lose America’s Backing

( – For decades, there were two principled primary differences between the Democrats and Republicans. The first was over controlling the purse of the US government, and the second was foreign affairs. Since President Ronald Reagan, the public has generally given the GOP a higher approval over those two issues. After a full year and half of record spending by congressional Democrats and failed foreign policies by President Joe Biden, the GOP appears intent on taking back Congress over both issues, and its candidates may have a compelling argument to make to voters.

On June 9, the most conservative caucus in the House of Representatives proposed a new blueprint for US spending. It serves as both a campaign guide for candidates and a policy manual if Republicans win back one or both chambers of Congress in November. Among some chief proposals is how Congress funds foreign affairs regarding countries and organizations hostile to US interests.

Republicans Want to Reshape US Foreign Policy

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) 122-page budget proposal covers a lot of ground on both domestic and foreign affairs priorities. The RSC created the annual proposal to offer a roadmap toward financial security and lower taxes. The committee hit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Democrats hard for going far-left over the last 18 months, ignoring the booming US debt, and refusing to pass a budget.

The RSC proposes slashing funds to the United Nations (UN), Lebanon, and Iraq to achieve its stated purpose. The proposal would force the executive branch to significantly reshape US foreign policy. While the Constitution largely gives the executive branch powers of diplomacy and foreign affairs, how the government spends money is the responsibility of Congress.

United Nations and the Middle East on the Chopping Block

In recent years, Lebanon’s government has become a tool of Hezbollah — the terrorist group funded and supported by Iran. The RSC budget would cut off funds to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Depriving Iran of a US government-sponsored tool would cut off funds that actively work against American interests in the region.

If passed into law, the proposal would also cut funding to Iraq. The RSC budget would ax aid to Iraq’s Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, which the US says has strong militant ties to Iran.

The UN is perhaps the biggest elephant in the room to see funding reductions or losses under the RSC proposal. Republicans say it’s in the best interest of the US to cut funding to UN programs that support Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad — another close ally of Iran.

If the GOP picks up enough seats in November, it could wield the budget pen and force the Biden administration’s hand on several foreign policy issues.

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