Iran Admits to Causing Plane Crash

Iran to Turn Over Black Boxes
Wreckage of Ukranian Plane that Crashed in Tehran Jan. 8

( – After several days of denying culpability and even outright refusing to turn over the black boxes of the crashed Ukrainian passenger plane, Iran now says it DID cause the crash that killed 176 people this past week.

Of course, they are claiming it was done “unintentionally.”

Facing mounting evidence of their guilt, Iranian leaders issued an official statement saying that “human error” was the cause and that the plane was mistakenly identified as a hostile target.

The country’s leadership expressed regret on Twitter:

Of course, their regret didn’t seem sincere when they also shifted the blame to the United States, claiming that the military was on a “heightened state of readiness” due to tensions with the US.

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