Iran Threat Rising, Says CENTCOM Commander

Iran Threat Rising, Says CENTCOM Commander

The US has been building up its military strength in the Persian Gulf this year in an attempt to deter Iranian aggression against Western interests and regional allies. However, despite this strong posture, US Central Command (CENTCOM) says the threat from the ayatollahs is actually increasing.

General Kenneth McKenzie, who heads up CENTCOM — the Unified Combat Command responsible for the Middle East and Central Asia — says he believes there will be more Iranian attacks. So far this year, Iran has seized a British-flagged tanker and is suspected of missile attacks against the Saudi Arabian oilfields, as well as ramping up its rhetoric against Israel.

Retired General Robert Scales agrees, saying that Iran routinely uses attacks to divert attention from its real aims and generate pro-regime enthusiasm within the country. Gen. Scales also pointed out that the Iranian religious leaders are frightened of their own, increasingly young, secular and pro-Western, population — and that’s likely to push them into a harder line.

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