Iran Still Won’t Talk With Bolton Gone

Iran Still Won't Talk With Bolton Gone

Iran’s hardball stance on refusing to open talks with the US continues, even after John Bolton resigned as National Security Advisor. Bolton began a series of tweets describing how unreliable Iran truly is. Whether or not he continues this line of commenting remains to be seen.

Instead of agreeing to talks, Iran is doubling down on its sentiment that talks are impossible unless America lifts sanctions imposed on them.

While Iran is keeping the nuclear pact alive, it’s reducing the amount it complies with the deal. Iran has already surpassed uranium limits imposed with the agreement. Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president, said he will only comply with the deal to the extent that other countries that signed the deal comply.

The United States should understand that militancy has no profit, and must abandon its policy of maximum pressure on Iran. Iran’s commitments to the nuclear deal are proportional to other parties and we will take further steps if necessary.

-Hassan Rouhani

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