Iran Purportedly Threatens To Hit New York With Missiles

Iran Purportedly Threatens To Hit New York With Missiles

Iran Purportedly Threatens To Strike New York!

( – President Joe Biden is facing numerous international crises. In addition to the Russian war on Ukraine, the US military just killed the top leader and one of al Qaeda’s 9/11 masterminds in Afghanistan after the US pullout from the war-torn country just a year ago. Trouble could be brewing with China over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) visit to Taiwan. Now, Iran is making serious threats against New York City.

For decades, presidents have tried to delay the inevitable. Iran claimed it wanted nuclear technology for peaceful civilian purposes. Yet recently, the terrorist state announced it had the capabilities to create an atomic warhead and cut off the United Nations (UN) watchdog group from monitoring its activities. So, what is the president going to do as negotiations stall?

Iran Threatens the US and Israel

It seems America’s adversaries are becoming more emboldened by the day. On Sunday, July 31, The Jerusalem Post reported the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) threatened nuclear war. It posted on social media that if the US or Israel made any “stupid mistakes,” it would turn New York into “hellish ruins.”

Expert Ben Sabti tweeted the threatening post. The image shows ballistic missiles with a hazardous warning sign meant to convey nuclear capabilities.

In 2021, Israel began warning the international community about the terrorist state’s dangerous progress. Though unconfirmed, sources told the BBC a Mossad cyber operation was responsible for attacking the underground site at Natanz, which crippled the facility for nearly a year.

The IRGC post declared if the US or its ally attacked Natanz, the Islamic country would immediately begin making a nuclear bomb.

Trump Warns Iran May Have a Bomb

On July 23, former President Donald Trump told Turning Point Action Summit attendees the terrorist state could have an atomic bomb very soon and may already possess the deadly device. He warned if they did, it would change the world and make the United States vulnerable.

During his presidency, Trump ended the Obama-era Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Ayatollah Khamenei agreed to halt the country’s uranium enrichment for certain concessions and received $400 million for cooperating. Yet, the Trump administration said the Mullahs weren’t abiding by the agreement, and he backed out of the deal.

Iranian Americans for Liberty Executive Director Bryan Leib said the Biden administration should immediately respond to the threat and announce devastating sanctions. He said appeasing them won’t stop their progress, and it’s time for the US to project its full power onto the terrorists.

Will Biden respond, or will he continue down the same path?

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