Iran Is Plotting To Kill Mike Pompeo

Iran Is Plotting To Kill Mike Pompeo

Assassination PLOT – Trump Ally Named As Target.

( – Since the late 1970s, Iran has been a staunch enemy of the United States. For decades, its leaders have called for the death of America, and the rogue militant Islamic fundamentalist country has armed terrorists around the globe. Former President Donald Trump ended Iran’s nuclear agreement with the US over a lack of trust as it continued to push to develop a nuclear weapon. He also increased sanctions on the country. In 2020, Trump ordered a drone strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani while Mike Pompeo sat in his administration.

In 2021, the Iranians demanded courts try the two men for the assassination of their general. Recently, US intelligence determined that Iran is committed to harming Americans inside the United States. On Sunday, June 19, Iran posted on Twitter an image threatening to kill Pompeo. Ongoing reports say Iran is attempting to assassinate Pompeo and former Iranian envoy Brian Hook.

Iran Targets Pompeo for Assassination

In the past, Iranian officials have called Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo murderers and aggressors for killing its general. The US government tied Soleimani to terrorist attacks against the US military in Iraq. According to an exclusive report in the Washington Free Beacon, officials say that Iran is plotting to kill Pompeo and that he and Hook face a very serious and credible threat from Iran.

On June 19, a Twitter post in Arabic affiliated with the Iranian regime warned that Pompeo should fear for his life and called him a liar. The image depicted Pompeo with a gun target over his forehead. The post insinuated Iran wants Pompeo assassinated for the 2020 drone strike that killed Soleimani.

On Tuesday, June 21, another post calling for an attempt on Pompeo’s life surfaced on a Twitter account that belongs to Soleimani’s daughter.

US Government Working To Protect Pompeo and Hook

The State Department told the Free Beacon that if Iran attacks a current or former American official, it will face severe consequences. Officials say the threats are credible and that they are taking them seriously. One state department spokesperson said the US would “protect and defend its citizens” and stated the US government is determined to protect against any threat or attack.

Over the last several years, Iran has made numerous attempts to kidnap or kill people inside the United States. In 2021, federal prosecutors indicted four Iranian intelligence workers for trying to kidnap a prominent American. In addition, Iran also attempted to kill the US Ambassador in South Africa and Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US in Washington, DC.

CBS News reported that the State Department spends $2 million per month protecting Pompeo and Hook. The expenses cover vehicle and transportation costs and the salaries of the agents watching the two men.

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