Iran Gives “Ultimatum” to America

Iran Gives

( – Iranian General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of Iran’s Aerospace Force, gave America a sort of “ultimatum” under the threat of potential future hostilities.

“It is in their interest that they pack and leave voluntarily, not only Iraq but Afghanistan and the Arabic countries.”

It would be ideal if we could take Hajizadeh at his word. The problem is that, in his own words, this is the beginning of a continued campaign in the Middle East.

“The missile strikes on one of the key U.S. military bases were the beginning of a big operation that will continue across the region.”

Hajizadeh’s presence at a recent press conference in front of the flags of various Iranian-backed organizations says it all, really.

Hajizadeh also stated that Iran wasn’t “seeking to kill anyone.” However, he did mention an alternative outcome that he believes could have happened.

“If we were looking to kill, we could have designed the operation in a way such that 500 [Americans] would be killed in the first step, and if they had responded, a further 4,000 to 5,000 would be killed in the next steps within 48 hours.”

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