Introducing Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black America

Introducing Trump's Platinum Plan for Black America

( – On Friday, September 25, President Donald Trump outlined his vision for how his administration will interact with Black communities in America should he be elected to a second term in November 2020. The “Platinum Plan” paints a picture of his hopes for the government and the private sector to work together to address social, medical, and legal issues that tend to more adversely affect that segment of the population.

Social Sphere

For many, education is the backbone of success in life. That can be book-learning through formal institutions or trade schools to assist with learning to make a livelihood in a so-called “blue-collar” profession. Both are equally important in our society. After all, sooner or later, every doctor and lawyer out there will need a plumber or HVAC Tech.

Acknowledging that much of the real work to satisfy people’s needs takes place in the neighborhoods where they live, the plan is to give tools to the organizations in the trenches. Churches in Black communities will be encouraged to compete for money from the federal coffers to buttress their ability to provide aid to people in need that live right outside their front doors.


The coronavirus pandemic shined a bright floodlight on the fact that the baseline health of Black Americans is far below where it should be in the most prosperous country in the world. They are less able to seek out high-quality medical care for diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity, making them more likely to succumb to the ravages of the virus.

The president’s vision for the future is to bring down the cost of top-notch healthcare through government agencies like the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Over the next four years, in cooperation with the various hospitals and private agencies, it’s hoped that more urgent care facilities and hospitals can be built directly into these underserved areas.

Law and Order

Groups like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) have been some of the biggest, ugliest scars on race relations throughout the post-Civil War era. The plan aims to treat them as exactly what they are: terrorist groups. The plan designates their most infamous method of murder, lynching, as an official federal hate crime.

Another goal is to treat drug addiction and crimes arising from the addiction cycle through medical rehabilitation rather than strictly through prison sentences. Another step to realistic public safety is to match the danger with the response. Police officers are trained to deal with the criminal element, not with people suffering mental health breakdowns. So the desire is to create a system where the first contact in those situations is made by agents trained in psychiatric crises.

As President Trump looks to the future, he determines how he will lead the United States through the problems that have come to light in this unprecedented year in American history, as any good leader should do. All the mechanisms required to bring about these changes may not be clear at this point, but just as when one builds a house, they need a set of blueprints before digging the foundation.

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