Internet Blames Racism for Predominantly White Cast of Candidates

Is the Democratic Party Racist?

On Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, Kamala Harris became the latest candidate to drop out of the Democratic Party’s race for the presidency. Should that be a big surprise to anyone? No — half a dozen other candidates have already quit and Harris’s poll numbers have been fading for a while now. Her campaign was publicly falling apart, she was struggling to raise funds and there was no way she was going to win. Everyone knew it — including, obviously, Harris herself. Nevertheless, as soon as she announced she was winding up her campaign the left-wing internet exploded with outrage.


Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) wasn’t going to win the Democrats’ nomination for next year’s election, so dropping out of the contest was the sensible thing to do. However, that’s not a good enough reason for many of the internet’s permanently outraged liberals.

  • No sooner had Harris announced her withdrawal than liberal writer Sally Kohn blamed racism for her decision. “It’s downright effed up that smart, compelling, *very* experienced, centrist Democratic candidates of color are floundering while a smart but wildly inexperienced, centrist white mayor of a teeny tiny city is surging,” she ranted, in an open swipe at Pete Buttigieg.
  • Lauren Duca, another left-wing “commentator,” soon jumped on the bandwagon. Pointing out that the five candidates who qualify for the Dems’ December debate are all white, she claimed, “White supremacy is not just a Fox News problem, folks.”
  • Adam Peck, who works for leftist think tank Center for American Progress, yelped “It’s really f*** up that straight white male billionaires (plural) are going to qualify for the next debate while Kamala Harris is leaving the race.”
  • Meanwhile, other commentators on Twitter brought up the feud between Harris and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who hasn’t qualified for the next debate but hasn’t given up yet either.
  • The two women first came to blows at the July debate, when Harris called Gabbard an apologist for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Things went downhill from there, with Harris furiously denouncing Gabbard’s criticism of Hillary Clinton.
  • When Harris stepped down from the nomination contest Gabbard tweeted her best wishes and said she looks forward to working with Harris on “the challenges we face as a nation.” Journalist Tim Pool called Gabbard’s impeccably polite tweet “one of the most epic burns in internet history.”

Of course, if all these outraged Liberals had supported Harris from the beginning, she might not have had poll numbers in the basement to begin with.

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