Intel Chief Speaks Out on Wuhan Virus Lab

Intel Chief Speaks Out on Wuhan Virus Lab

( – The head of the US intelligence community officially confirmed on Thursday that American operatives are now probing a COVID-19 laboratory. This operation could give us the vital answer we need to prevent future pandemics – where did the disease come from? But it also has the potential to ignite a diplomatic and political firestorm.


Up until recently, most people have assumed the Wuhan coronavirus made the jump to humans at one of China’s notoriously filthy “wet” markets. Now, attention is shifting to a government-owned research lab in the same city.

  • The 2002-2004 SARS outbreak is believed to have started at a wet market in southern China. When the closely-related Wuhan coronavirus emerged, suspicion quickly focused on a market in the center of the initial cluster of cases.
  • However, it wasn’t long before alert observers realized the Wuhan Center for Disease Control (WCDC) and Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), both run by the communist government, are located less than a quarter-mile from the market.
  • The WCDC is focused on research into pandemics and how to stop them, but it’s notorious for its low safety standards. Accounts from workers tell of staff working without protective clothing around disease cultures, or being sprayed with urine from potentially infected bats.
  • As dangerous as that is, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is even worse. Researchers there genetically engineer viruses into more dangerous forms. While China denies it’s conducting biowarfare tests there, the experiments they do carry out are dangerous enough.
  • In one 2015 experiment, WIV scientists created a hybrid bat virus that could be passed to humans – apparently just to show it could be done. Again, the institute is notorious for its poor safety standards.
  • The British government said earlier this month that it’s “no longer discounting” the possibility the Wuhan plague originated in a lab. The US government has now gone a big step further and is actively investigating.
  • The office of acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said Thursday that US intelligence agencies are investigating whether the virus came from one of these labs. The DNI says there’s no evidence the virus has been genetically modified, but that doesn’t mean the Chinese weren’t experimenting with it.

If the probe finds that the virus did come from a lab, there’s likely to be a diplomatic uproar. It would be bad enough if the pandemic started because China failed to crack down on its barbaric and filthy wet markets. It’ll be far worse if it turns out that the Beijing regime had the virus safely under its control in a laboratory – then, either carelessly or deliberately, let it escape.

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