Inspector General Assigned to Investigate Trump Resigns Abruptly

Inspector General Assigned to Investigate Trump Resigns Abruptly

( – Acting Inspector General at the State Department, Stephen Akard, who was investigating allegations made against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has just resigned out of the blue.

The internal watchdog agency was reportedly tasked with “investigating” Trump’s secretary of state. However, Akard was part of those investigations. The mainstream media and at least one Democratic lawmaker are now spinning the story and trying to make it look like something nefarious was going on.

Akard Gone

On August 5, a State Department spokesperson said Akard resigned from his positions as acting inspector general and director of the office of Foreign Missions in order to pursue a career in the private sector. The department said they “appreciate his dedication” to both State and the US. The new acting inspector general will be Diana R. Shaw.

The mainstream media is reporting his departure as if this is another shakeup in the State Department. There’s been an ongoing narrative that Pompeo is destroying the agency, tasked with foreign relations, from the inside-out. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) commented on the resignation and was incredibly nasty.

The media and the Left can’t even imagine that maybe a civil servant would like to leave the swamp. Akard is pursuing another career, good for him. He has a right to go back to his home state and do what he wants with his life after serving his country honorably. Maybe they should give it a try.

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