Insiders Say Keisha Bottoms Could Save Joe Biden’s Ratings

Insiders Say Keisha Bottoms Could Save Joe Biden's Ratings

Insiders Say Biden Is About To Use His Most Powerful Weapon

( – It’s no secret by now that President Joe Biden is in deep trouble with voters as shown by his all-time low approval ratings. On June 4, the Morning Consult poll showed Biden at 39% approval and 58% disapproval. To put this figure in perspective, former President Donald Trump, at the same time in his presidency, had a 45% approval rating.

With all the trouble Biden is having, he continues to blame messaging for his woes with voters instead of his policies that led to horrific results in Afghanistan, inflation that rose over 7% before Putin’s war on Ukraine, exploding gas prices, and high crime. Still, to solve Biden’s problem, the White House hopes that former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms will be Biden’s savior, especially with black voters.

White House Hopes Bottoms Can Shore Up the Black Vote

Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats are in trouble with groups that are typically reliable voters for them. Hispanic voters are bailing on them, and even some black voters are beginning to move away from the party as it moves further to the Left.

In late 2020, Bottoms was on Biden’s short list of vice presidential candidates and is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party. Though she chose not to seek a second term as Atlanta’s mayor, Bottoms received a 57% approval rating despite voter concerns about rising crime. The White House brought the former mayor onboard to replace Cedric Richmond as the director of the White House’s Office of Public Engagement.

In a statement from President Biden, he said it’s important to “have a diversity of thought and experiences within the White House.” Still, he appears to hope that Bottoms’ strong relationship with the black community in Atlanta will transfer nationwide and help pull Democrats out of the doldrums.

According to a Washington Post and Ipsos poll, 70% of black voters approved of Biden’s job performance in June — down 8 points since April 2021 — and only 23% say they strongly approve of Biden. Additionally, 32% said they didn’t believe Biden cared about black voters; that’s up nine points from 2020.

GOP Signals Problems for Democrats

As the Office of Public Engagement Director, Bottoms will coordinate nationwide support for the president’s agenda. The White House believes Bottoms’ experience as a mayor will be vital to the president’s ability to communicate with real Americans about the benefits of his policies.

Republicans may relish in her announcement. In 2020, Bottoms was an advocate of the defund the police movement. One senior GOP official said the former mayor’s appointment was a blow to Biden’s attempt to appear tough on crime. Republican National Committee spokesman Tommy Pigott noted that the president still hasn’t called out Democratic soft-on-crime district attorneys and that far-left anti-police advocates continue to visit the White House. Now, one is inside the White House.

So, will Bottoms be all the White House hopes for and then some?

It could get interesting.

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